Warehousing – Short and Long-Term

Artmoves’ warehouses feature over 14,000 square feet of secured warehouse space.

We offer climate-controlled and non-climate controlled facilities in our South Florida locations. The security of each warehouse is monitored twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our warehouse services staff carefully receives and catalogues all deliveries ensuring a complete record of your shipment.

All items are placed in appropriate areas for their safety and security.

Hurricane Season

Artmoves provides secure warehouse protection to our clients prior to, and during hurricane season.

In June and July, we recommend that sculptures either be removed, or when possible, streamlined and pieces then placed in a secure setting.

In November, pieces can then be reassembled or reinstalled.  Paintings may either be collected, or dropped off.

We suggest prior planning: once a hurricane watch is issued we close our locations to make final storm preparations.

At Artmoves, we love art too.

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